A father and son smiling while exercising.

The 30 Days / 30 Ways Love Your Health, Love Yourself Plan!

Are you looking for a balanced plan to live, look and feel your very best? Are you searching for a positive, inspirational plan that puts you in charge of your thoughts and your actions?

You’re in the right place with the 30 Days / 30 Ways to Love Your Health and Love Yourself Plan!

This is your 4 week plan to help you Lose Your Bloat, Melt Your Belly and Drop those unwanted pounds all while learning that your health and happiness give you everything!

The 8 Week Transformation Program

This is your 8-Week Plan to Lose Your Bloat, Melt Your Belly and Drop Up to 30 pounds! 

The Plan is designed for the busy person fed up with the frustration of dieting, or exercising and not getting results, and who is ready to take action, to permanently lose weight. This is not a program based on carbohydrate restriction, or calorie deprivation.

This program is based on the hard science of blood sugar stabilization. You will look and feel your very best all while eating foods you love!

Included in both plans

A chart outlining how blood sugar rises and falls in humans. Stabilizing your blood sugar allows you to enjoy many benefits including:
  • Burn body fat
  • Decrease Inches
  • Protect and Increase lean muscle mass
  • Eliminate sugar (carbohydrate) cravings
  • Boost your energy
  • Break through stubborn plateaus
  • Improve your physical performance
  • Have a Healthy Relationship with food
  • Achieve permanent results
  • Create a permanent lifestyle change
  • Inspire others with your actions
  • Inspire a Community of Healthy Individuals

Follow the entire plan from the comfort of your home, office or while on the road! The Weekly Sessions come live to you via the ZOOM Conference website or Mobile App. Each week you will be given practical tools to make your food, your fitness, and your healthy new lifestyle fit into your busy day. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, and out of control, you will truly be in the driver’s seat with your health and your body! Better yet, if you miss a live session the recorded versions are immediately sent right to you when the meeting ends! This plan sets you up with all the resources and supports you need to take back your health, and your body at your convenience.