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Mark Regan has worked as an Elite Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach for the past 25 years.


Find a program to help you take action to feel better, eat better, and permanently lose weight.


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Over the past 5 years, in the London, Ontario area alone, Mark has helped over 500 men, women and children learn how to take back their health. Combined, they have lost over 13,000 lbs and 14,000 inches of fat during his program instruction alone. Better yet, they learned all of the tools to make this lifestyle a permanent part of their happy life.

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It’s time to put an end to the dieting madness and an unhealthy mindset once and for all!

Client testimonials

This program has completely changed me physically and mentally. Not only am I down 70 lbs in the past 7 months, but I am happier, more energetic, and I’m living life with greater purpose.
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Kaleigh Norris
I sleep better. I have more energy for my workouts and for the day with 4 kids. I have better moods all day long. I deal with stress better. My clothes feel better. I feel lighter and overall happier. I have lost 30 lbs!
A headshot of a woman.
Maria Warren