The 30 Days / 30 Ways Love Your Health, Love Yourself Plan

A family of four smiling.Daily Inspirational Videos and Material to Shape your thoughts, and your actions for Success!

Each Phase of the program is provided including specific Foods, Exercise, Meal Plans and Supplementation.

Weekly topics

  • Week 1
    • The Detox / Debloat Phase (Week 1) – lose 5 to 10 lbs of unwanted bloat weight
    • The 7 Signs of Success – 7 Pillars of Progress to Ensure you know you’re Winning.
  • Week 2
    • The Ignite Phase (Weeks 2 to 4) – Ignite Your Metabolism with Food and Exercise
    • The Mindset of a Winner – 5 Truths to Lead You to Be Your very Best.
  • Week 3
    • Dealing With Sleep and Stress – Master your Sleep, and Reduce Unwanted Stress
    • Overcoming Challenges – Learn How You Can Face All Adversity With A Plan.
  • Week 4
    • The Thrive Phase (Week 5 and beyond) – Grocery Shopping and Restaurants
    • Take this Plan and Live It! This plan allows you to Thrive with Your Health for Life.

Weekly information email

Summarizes all of the key information you need to learn to move forward with your plan.

Simple / Affordable Supplementation Plan

Tailored to Your Needs to Ensure Improved Health and to Fill Gaps. There are simple, proven supplements that unequivocally work to improve vital areas of your health and prevent illness. The reality is we all need extra supports to fill our gaps in our nutrition and our physiology. You will receive specific information prior to beginning the plan to help you make the best supplement choices to turbo-charge your health. The Supplements can be ordered directly Online for Ease, Reduced Cost and Quality Assurance.

Complete Recipes for All 3 Phases of the Plan

From the easiest “Grab and Go” to the more elaborate Gourmet style recipes you are looking for to meet your nutrition and culinary needs. We got you covered!

Three 45 Minute One on One or Small Group Exercise Instruction Sessions and a 4 Week Exercise Guide

Learn simple, effective exercises that you can do on your own or with others to turbo-charge your metabolism and
fitness! Learn how to Burn, and Sculpt those Muscles to Look and Feel Your Very Best!

3 women sitting on a bench looking over a lake.You are not alone!

The Strength of anyone’s conviction is always increased through the support of other likeminded individuals following the same plan.

Facebook support groups

Join our Mark Regan Facebook page. These include guidance, motivation, inspiration, recipes and a lot of fun. They include people who we work with through the 5 Week Transformation plan and beyond.

All over the world, people are currently making their 5 Week Run and you can join them on some key Facebook Group pages to ask and answer questions, share inspirations, see amazing transformations, and find incredible recipes to stay on plan.

Zen Project 8 Community Page – join people worldwide following this exact plan!
The Venice Nutrition 8 Week Run and Thrive Community
The Venice Nutrition 8 Week Run and Thrive Recipes

Personal Q&A support

You all have unique lives, metabolisms and challenges. This is exactly why we offer additional email and texting support to provide you the answers to your questions. You can do this! We are here to ensure your success.

The cover of a book with the title: Why Kids Made You Fat, and How to Get Your Body BackThe Internationally Acclaimed Book, “Why Kids Made You Fat, and How to Get Your Body Back,” by Mark Macdonald. You can purchase the book online at, or your local book store. A copy of the book is provided for those who work personally with us in the One on One or Group Coaching Sessions. This book includes inspirational transformations.

  • 9 chapters that lead you to Lose Your Bloat, Melt Your Belly and Live Your Life
  • Easy-to-Follow Detox, Ignite & Thrive Phases that are based on Eating in 3’s
  • 18 Powerful Transformations of people living the plan just like you
  • 50 Detox, Ignite and Thrive Phase Recipes, two types
    • Grab n’ Go – 10 minutes or less
    • Gourmet Style – 30 minutes or less
  • Real life cutting edge strategies to help you permanently drop the pounds and Start feeling your best again!

End the Dieting Madness!

Permanently take back control of your Metabolism, your Health and your Life!

It’s time to be a Champion of Your Health in 2019!