For most of my life I’ve always been that kid that was bigger than all the rest. I always had wanted to change, but I knew that it would require a change in my lifestyle. I used to think that if I only ate healthy foods like salads that it would actually help me lose weight. I didn’t understand why this did not work and my weight did not drop and I was at my heaviest weight ever at 270 lbs. That’s when I decided to live the PFC every 3 lifestyle and learn how to eat properly and exercise on a regular basis. Incredibly, my weight started to drop immediately and on a daily basis. I’m excited to say that I have dropped to my initial goal of 200 pounds (a loss of 70 lbs) and I have completely transformed myself physically and mentally, I’m a whole new person!

- Deontay Borg

A before and after image of a woman.

Melinda Wilson is living proof that you can make an incredible, ongoing transformation with your body and health while also enjoying good times with friends and family. She is the perfect example of how you can balance your nutrition, your exercise and your social life to create a permanent, sustainable, healthy lifestyle that does not involve permanent deprivation. She has lost over 30 lbs while improving her energy, her sleep and taking her exercise to a whole new level!

- Melinda Wilson

One day I looked in the mirror and thought “oh no, this needs to change” But I didn’t know where to start. I talked to family and friends but with no success. I talked to a co-worker who told me about Mark Regan’s 8 Week Transformation plan. I messaged him and that day he responded back and answered all my questions. I was not sure what to expect, but Mark was very informative and easy to talk to. It wasn’t easy at first, but Mark talked me through everything. After the 8 weeks, I had lost 20 lbs and was ecstatic. Mark was very accessible for any question. Even after the program finished he would reach out to me to ask how I was doing. I had a challenge with my progress as I was diagnosed with an illness. Mark was right there for me to help me get healthy and back on track. I am now down 30lbs and counting! All of this wouldn’t have been achievable without Mark and his motivation, approachability and his vast knowledge. THANK YOU MARK!

- Emily Notarandrea

Grant Milmine Before and After

Grant joined the 8 Week Transformation as he was feeling overweight, stressed, and run down. He needed naps every day after work, and constantly craved sweets. His starting weight was 281 lbs. Over the course of the 8 weeks, Grant lost over 20 lbs, improved his energy dramatically, he no longer needed naps as was sleeping like a baby at night, and, for the first time in many years, he felt in total control of his health.

Inspired by his initial progress, this 63 year old Grandfather decided to take his health to another level! He decided to add more exercise to his plan. He is perfectly combining a balanced nutrition plan with strength training and cardio. Grant now weighs 239 lbs, a total loss of 42 lbs! He has dropped his Body fat by more than 15 {529754ec1c1c17772ca62b97eb72dc9bde5c0f521b769a957d3aa0de32b8d901} as well. Grant is living proof that your Health doesn’t Happen by Chance! Your Health Happens by Choice!

- Grant Milmine

Before beginning the 8 Week Transformation plan with Mark Regan, I was not happy with my body, I lacked energy, and I was making poor food choices. I struggled to find balance in my life with working full time and taking care of my son. My health was put on hold, and I knew it was time for a change.

This program has completely changed me physically and mentally. Not only am I down 70 lbs in the past 7 months, but I am happier, more energetic, and I’m living life with greater purpose. I love how the nutrition plan is easy to follow, and never makes me feel like I’m on a diet. I’ve learned how to balance my blood sugar, how to plan and prepare my food, how to exercise properly for better results, how to control my stress and how to maintain proper sleep. This program works, and I am forever grateful to Mark for all he has done to help me look and feel my very best.

- Kaleigh Norris

A before and after image of a woman.
Maria Warren Before and After

When Maria started the 8 Week Transformation, she was struggling with her health. She was exhausted, and worn out, despite the fact that she was going to group fitness classes 5 to 6 days per week. She was not seeing any significant changes. She is proof of what happens when people use exercise only and not food as their foundation for a physical transformation.

After joining the program, Maria found herself! As she pointed out, “I sleep better. I have more energy for my workouts and for the day with 4 kids. I have better moods all day long. I deal with stress better. My clothes feel better. I feel lighter and overall happier. I have lost 30 lbs!” Since that time, Maria has continued to follow the plan for 6 months and is continuing to reach new health goals! She is now down over 40 lbs and loving life! In fact, after her initial 8 weeks, her husband jumped on board the program and he is now down 70 lbs as well!

- Maria Warren

I just finished up the 8 Week Transformation program with Mark Regan. When I started, my health was very bad, both physically and mentally. Incredibly, the results, with Mark’s help, have been amazing and we smashed through all my goals and totally exceeded my expectations.

When I began, I was feeling tired, hungry, and sick all the time. I had very little energy, I was not sleeping well and struggling with daily stress. I constantly felt aches and pains and headaches. All the while, I was trying to fix these challenges with bad food choices and medication.

Well, 8 Weeks later, I am feeling so good! I have more energy than I have had in a very long time, I’m never hungry, I’m eating five to six clean meals a day and I have no need for medication. I also started the program struggling with a kidney stone that I had for eight weeks and I had just been scheduled for surgery. Incredibly, it passed in the first week.

During the program, with Mark’s inspiration, motivation, fitness and nutrition knowledge, I managed to lose 43 lbs, over 13 inches, and lowered my resting heart rate from 90 bpm to 75 bpm. I’ve also gained much needed self-confidence back.

I know I have a ways to go, but I am excited to see what the future will bring. Without a doubt, I would not be where I am today without Mark Regan and the 8 Week Transformation!

Thank you so much!

- Paul Podsadecki

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